Registration teams

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Commitments 3 tracks via the site europa cup :

The site EC is now operational for:
1. Commit U15 and +
2. Pay the commitments of these categories.
Important information: contrary in the previous years the individual number of identification is deleted .
1. Go on the site: https: //
2. Click international trophy 3 tracks
3. Come down(fall) up to the banner: You need to be logged in to register. / click on logged in
4. Login page to go express in the year of which gaunt account? Register / click on register
5. Fill windows
6. Username and following windows = identifying of the one who seized (to hold(retain) to mean seizing other skaters)
7 Submit

Reminder : you more have to fill  and send to the usual document of commitment 3 tracks with all the skaters of your club U15 and the more and U14 and the less. (document available on the official site

  All documents 2017 to engage you and book your accomodation and  meals…..

 drapeau-europe  European teams:2017

 globe-terrestre  Teams outside Europ:2017

fleche-gif-003 € Warning €:  :  Direct payment of the commitments of the categories U15 and more by the site                                              https: // /  for the rest, the transfer before your arrival, upon receipt of our accounting document which will indicate the banking references; or payment in cash on Fridays to Pibrac.