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          Pibrac:                       Saturday, April 16.
          Gujan Mestras:   Sunday, April 17
          Gujan Mestras:    Monday, April 18.


The 3 tracks: this is 34 uninterrupted years of a major competition of the international speed roller calendar, immutably set for the 3 days of Easter weekend. Regular participation of 800 to 1000 athletes from 15 nations.
All the information: methods of reception, commitment, program, etc. can be consulted in the sections of this site.



Coming to the 3 Tracks

   français    español     english                The International Trophy of 3 Tracks takes place on… 3 days and on……. 3 tracks.                   Pibrac:   first day (Saturday)                                                      PIBRAC, wikipedia    Piste: Boulevard des écoles 31820 Pibrac           More informations on Latitude : 43.61849293893 …

General informations european teams

    français    español     english    invitation letter 2022 european teams. INFOS CAMPING                                                                                     DOCUMENTATION  2022 …

General information ( teams outside Europe)

 español     english    2022 Invitation letter teams outside  Europ. INFOS CAMPING                                                          DOCUMENTATION 2022 ( teams ouside Europ) Organisation- contact Majorities ORGANIZERS: – PIBRAC ROLLER SKATING. – ROLLER SKATING de GUJAN MESTRAS MAILING: official site → Facebook 3pistes:  PÉRIOD: Easter week-end systematicaly.  CATEGORIES : from Super Mini to …