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General informations european teams

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 greenbli  invitation letter 2024 european teams.

INFOS CAMPING                     


     DOCUMENTATION  2024   (european teams) 

Organisation- contact


- VALENCE d'AGEN ROLLER 2 RIVES.                                                                                           
- ROLLER SKATING de GUJAN-MESTRAS.                                         
  CONTACT:Daniel BONITHON   mail :                                 
  official site              facebook: 3pistes
 PÉRIOD: Easter week-end systematicaly.                                     
 CATEGORIES : from Super Mini to Seniors
 EVENT RULES:  - international rules / 3 tracks rules.
      1 individual rankings:  speed+long distance.
       Its excludes the participation to the 2nd and the 3rd day
       event for one who is absent the 1st day.



TRAVEL: To pay by the participants.
HOUSING: the organisers take care of the booking of hotel rooms.
                 Read with attention the joint document of booking.

                           end of registrations:  1 of March  2024
BREAKFAST:  Taken and paid directly at the hotel.
MEALS: taken on the tracks places (only if reserved).
-Pibrac: lunch(7€)  diner(12€).
-Valence d'Agen: lunch(12€) diner(12 €).
-Gujan Mestras: lunch(12 €) .

Registration fees▼ 

Registrations received before the 3rd of March 2024: U13-: 20€ / U14+: 35

received between the 4th of March and the 18th of March 2024: U13-: 30€ / U14+:60

After the 18 of March 2024 registrations will be refused

Enrolment rates including transponder.

▼Formalities of registration▼

          PLEASE NOTE: Transponders are compulsory for ALL categories (super mini to senior)   
 A 60€ deposit   is required from skaters supplied by the organisation.

                                                       Compulsory registration and  payment of all the categories  HERE